The indicator is telling you that the fluid level is below the sensor, however, once you start driving and the engine heats up, the light should go off. If your coolant light stays on even after driving for a few minutes, then it’s time to check your coolant levels and the coolant sensor.

Why is my coolant light on but my coolant is full?

Your sensor may fail or it may simply give a bad reading. A bad coolant sensor may cause a decrease in fuel efficiency or it may also cause the vehicle to fail your emissions inspection. It is likely that the problem may be a loose, corroded, or faulty connection and not a problem with the sensor itself.

How do you know if your coolant sensor is bad?

If you notice more fluctuation in your engine temperature or it looks higher or lower than usual while you’re driving, it could be the engine coolant temperature sensor. In particular, if your engine doesn’t seem to be warming up as it typically does, you should have a mechanic take a look at your cooling system.

Is it safe to drive with coolant light on?

when the low coolant level warning light comes on, you should stop driving. pull over to the side as soon as possible and shut off the engine to prevent any additional damage.

How do I turn off the low coolant light?

The easiest way how to fix low coolant is to begin filling your coolant back to acceptable levels and allow the coolant to soak back into the system. Upon opening your radiator cap, you will see indicators such as “max” and “min” which indicates the level of the coolant mixture currently in your tank.

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What does it mean when check coolant light comes on?

Your Coolant Pressure Light comes on when your engine is overheating due to insufficient coolant. If you remove the radiator cap or open the coolant reservoir before the engine has had a chance to cool sufficiently, the buildup of steam inside the cooling system could give you a very nasty burn.

What happens when a coolant sensor goes bad?

If the coolant temperature sensor goes bad it can send a false signal to the computer and throw off the fuel and timing calculations. It is not uncommon for the coolant temperature sensor to fail and send a permanently cold signal to the computer. This will reduce fuel economy, and may hinder engine performance.

How do you test a coolant temperature sensor?

Gently lower the end of the sensor into the water until the entire device is fully submerged. Wait a minute or so for the screen to give you a reading of the cold water. Once you have a reading, write down the measurement for reference. A common reading for a temperature sensor in cold water is around 5 volts.

How long can u drive with low coolant?

If your car has a low coolant you can drive for some time. It really relies on the level of coolant. If it is low but it is above the minimum, you can drive your car for a few days. But if it is below the minimum, please do not even try to run your engine.

What do you do when your coolant light comes on?

What to Do When Your Engine Overheats

  1. Kill the A/C and crank the heat. Immediately turn off the air conditioner to reduce stress on the engine.
  2. Find a safe place to pull over. Pull over and shut off the car.
  3. Check and add coolant (if you have it).
  4. Restart the engine.
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How long can you run an engine without coolant?

If you only run the engine for 15 to 30 seconds from cold there should be no problem. Running the engine any longer than that may cause the engine to overheat. There are two answers to this question: Theoretically, radiators are completely optional on engines.

Why does low coolant light stay on?

What causes the coolant warning light to come on? The most common reason for the coolant light to become illuminated is simply that the coolant level is too low. There may be a floating sensor in your coolant tank that triggers the warning light when the level drops. You may need to book a coolant change.

How do you reset the coolant light on a Mercedes?

RE: reset “check coolant” message you need to turn your defrosters on full and go drive around and take a few turns to make sure theres no air in the system, then check the level again. it should go away.

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