Is it always necessary to apply Metal-Ready first before using POR-15 Rust Preventive Paint? No. Metal-Ready must be used first before applying POR-15 when 1. Painting on smooth, polished, or new metal surfaces.

Can you put POR-15 directly over rust?

POR-15 is a high-tech, high performance rust-preventive coating designed for application directly on rusted or seasoned metal surfaces. It dries to an incredible rock-hard, non-porous finish that won’t chip, crack, or peel, and it prevents rust from recurring by protecting metal from further exposure to moisture.

What does POR-15 Metal Prep do?

POR-15 Metal Prep provides the best adhesion for POR-15 Rust Preventive Coating and any opaque primer or top coat paint. Metal Prep gently etches metal, creating an ideal anchor pattern for coatings, while simultaneously leaving a zinc phosphate coating to insure chemical bonding of paint to steel and other metals.

Does POR-15 stick to primer?

It needs to be to rust or prepped metal. It is not designed to chemically bond to paint or primer. you didn’t wash off the metal ready with water first, before you painted it with por-15!

How many coats of POR-15 do I need?

Application Information states: under supplementary information and tips: – For two coat applications – apply second coat when first coat is tacky and almost dry.

How long does POR-15 last?

If POR-15 dries on your skin, nothing will take it off, and you will ‘wear’ it for 3 or 4 days until natural oils and flaking skin remove it.

Does POR-15 have a shelf life?

turbocruiser. I’ve learned over the years to only order POR-15 just prior to projects – the shelf life sucks – within four to six months it is going to be impossible to spray and by ten to twelve months it is halfway cured in the can.

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Is POR-15 better than hammerite?

POR-15 is undoubtably great stuff and they do some fantastic products in the range, but Hammerite sometimes gets a rough ride and unjustly slated imo. Used correctly and with the right prep it’s decent paint.

Does POR 15 neutralize rust?

STEP 2 – Neutralize Rust; Etch Metal Use POR-15® Metal Prep on the surface to remove rust or prepare it for POR-15® Rust Preventive Coating. Metal Prep neutralizes rust, etches metal, and coats it with zinc phosphate for better adhesion.

Is POR 15 any good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Best rust coating. I’ve used many other brands and by far, POR 15 is the best. Read the can and follow the instructions for gods sake. Use a respirator, a real one with proper filters or risk isocyanides entering your lungs and hardening, thus suffocating you.

Does POR 15 come in white?

POR-15 Gloss White Top Coat is a direct-to-metal (DTM) coating designed to work incredibly well in all applications where there is a need to help preserve substrates susceptible to corrosion. Under exterior exposure POR-15 Top Coat has exceptional long-term sheen and color retention.

Can POR-15 top coat be brushed on?

The POR-15 guys recommend some prep work for heavily-rusted projects. They also offer a spray for new or clean surfaces that’s designed to chemically “etch” the metal for better coating retention. POR-15 applies easily and can literally be brushed or rolled right on top of existing rust.

Is POR-15 an epoxy?

This powerful epoxy putty is easy to use and dries Rock Hard. It’s strong enough to withstand drilling, taping, and painting, without cracking or shrinking. Perfect for repairing all types of fiberglass cracks, holes and breaks, repairing cracked metal, steering wheel crack repair, rust pits and holes, and beyond!

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How do you get por paint off your skin?

Premium Member. Mayonnaise will remove anything from your skin.

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