Filters. Used to express regret or disappointment about an unfortunate event or piece of information.

Is what a pity formal?

I think it is a little outdated. Saying ‘what a pity that..’ or something like that is still fine in formal situations or to sound fancy.

Is it correct to say it’s a pity?

If something is described as a pity, it is disappointing or not satisfactory: ” Can’t you go to the party? Oh, that’s (such) a pity.” [ + (that) ] It’s a pity (that) children spend so little time outside nowadays.

What’s a pity or what a pity?

an expression of consolation meaning That’s too bad. (Can also be used sarcastically.) Bill: I’m sorry to tell you that the cat died today. Mary: What a pity!

Is what a pity a sentence?

What a pity that something so extraneous should diminish the pleasure these fine performances give. What a pity it is to live that way. “What a pity, ” wrote The Asian Age newspaper. What a pity, ” said a Miss Li, who was selling eggplants from a cart.

What are examples of a pity?

what a pity | that’s a pity

  • “It’s starting to rain.” “What a pity. We only just got here.”
  • “The tickets have sold out already.” “That’s a pity. I really wanted to go.”

How do you respond to a pity?

The most neutral expression to replace “it’s a pity” or “that’s a shame” would be ” that’s unfortunate “.

How do you use the word pity?

Pity sentence example

  1. Your pity is a weakness.
  2. I always thought he felt more pity than love for the old lady.
  3. One must pity the animals too.
  4. He could, however, pity the woman whose hand was cut off.

How do you express pity in an email?

Reacting to Bad News: Tips for Email Phrases

  1. That’s a pity. / That’s a shame. / That’s too bad. We use these phrases for unfortunate, but small, incidents.
  2. I’m sorry to hear that. Here we see a useful phrase: ‘I’m sorry to hear’.
  3. I’m very sorry to hear that.

What a shame means?

shame Add to list Share. Shame is a painful feeling that’s a mix of regret, self-hate, and dishonor. If you’re trying to make someone else feel bad by scolding them, you’re shaming them. People also often say, “That’s a shame,” when something bad happens — meaning it’s sad or a pity.

What a pity becomes assertive sentence?

Answer: When a sentence of this structure is transformed to assertive, the structure of the assertive sentence is: It is a pity + subject + verb + phrase/clause. The option that follows this structure is option A, hence it’s correct.

What does timid mean?

1: lacking in courage or self-confidence a timid person. 2: lacking in boldness or determination a timid policy. Other Words from timid Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About timid.

Which is a pity?

a feeling of sadness or sympathy for someone else’s unhappiness or difficult situation: The girl stood gazing in/with pity at the old lion in the cage.

What does pity party mean?

A pity party is an instance of feeling self-indulgently sorry for yourself.

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